Gargoyles, 2000. The gargoyles on the cornices of medieval cathedrals, that were intent to protect and keep evil spirits away from believers, are no longer perceived as frightening monsters. It seems to me that what was monstrous then, it has become ridiculous now. I am trying to express my vision of these horrific new monsters, more monstrous than the old gargoyles, in a series of masks representing horror, cruelty, madness, hatred, disgust. Evil spirits are no longer frightened by scarecrows. They would run away only if they see their own images, unimaginably ugly. Art is not a sweet and joyful play, art is a struggle to convey a poetic and dramatic meaning.



fury1.jpg (34670 bytes)

The fury  


ram.jpg (42737 bytes)

The Ram

crow.jpg (33495 bytes)

The Crow

crow_profile.jpg (36862 bytes)

The Crow, Profile

shark.jpg (37542 bytes)

The Shark


shark_detail.jpg (26490 bytes)

The Shark, Detail

om_falos.jpg (31201 bytes)

Om Falos


thinking_man.jpg (31702 bytes)

Om Falos, Profile

bulldog.jpg (33158 bytes)

The Bulldog


bulldog_detail.jpg (36550 bytes)

The Bulldog, Detail

nasone.jpg (33384 bytes)



nasone_profile.jpg (38216 bytes)

Nasone, Profile

 fury.jpg (39874 bytes)

The Cyclop

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